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My name is Keti and as I like to say about myself I'm one crazy tomboy. I have many and different interests as diving, rafting, yoga, Krav Maga, nature walks, the animals.

Diving in Greece

Rafting in Iskar River in Bulgaria

Hiking in Rila Mountain (The Seven Rila Lakes) in Bulgaria

The Tiger Temple in Thailand

Elephant wash - wash and ride :) The Elephant Orphanage Pinnawala in Sri Lanka

I'm not a professional chef, either baker. Even I can say, everything I can do in the kitchen I've learnt alone. Cooking, kneading and baking are my passion since I was kid. Later I taught myself to enjoy the taste of the food and to inspire myself with not traditional tastes for Bulgaria. My other passion is to travel around the world and to explore new cultures. Every time when I'm in new country "a ust to do thing" is to try the traditional for the country cuisine. That's why when I organize my trips I also look for information about the places where I can eat some local food. 

Me in Rome and The Colosseum

Boat Market in Thailand

The Grand Palace in Bangkok

My last dinner in Sri Lanka. Just a simple beach restaurant but with the best food ever!

And the dinner itself - so simple, but so delicious lobster 

And this is how came the idea for the name of my blog. I love food. The good, tasty, fragrant food. It can be the most simple food cooked on fire under the sky among the nature, or on the street in a big city, or the food cooked in the kitchen of restaurant with Michelin stars. 

So I have decided to share with you the favorite recipes of my family and those which we try for first time, because what's better than the advice of one food lover about the food. I hope I will tempt you to try some and I will be very glad if you share with me your experience with my recipes after. Also I'll be glad to hear your advises and criticism. And of course least but not last do not hesitate to contact with me and tell me what else you'd like to see in my blog. 

And now ENJOY and Bon Appetit!

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